Wiesław Wilczkiewicz - Fly Ensemble (CD)

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Forgotten formation of the guitarist of Dżamble and Alex Band, to which he would invite eminent guests (incl. Krzesimir Dębski or Zbigniew Wodecki). Polish smooth jazz before it was cool.


In the early '80s, the Alex Band received a lucrative offer from a... circus. However, not all musicians were eager to accompany clowns and elephants, so they attended for a while to their own affairs. And that was how the Fly Ensemble came into being, a perfect project, which offered jazz in the soft version.

Fly Ensemble is jazz arranged with utmost care, polished and glistening to this day with extraordinary light. Wiesław Wilczkiewicz (Dżamble, Alex Band) offered music combining in itself the lightness of string easy listening with the Latin charm and jazz nerve. During the years 1981-83 the musicians recorded a series of intriguing compositions (eminent guests participated in recording, incl. Krzesimir Dębski and Zbigniew Wodecki), which appeared on a record only in 1999 and only in the USA. Now, this excellent pre-smooth jazz appears for the first time in Poland. At last.

The material remastered in Sweden by Andrzej Poniatowski is supplemented, as usual, by a booklet with an essay on the band and with unpublished photographs.

1. Number Two Woman
2. Rozmowa z diabłem
3. In Blue Eyes
4. Ruda Magda
5. Kasztanowi
6. Hi Fly
7. Varadero
8. Brass Key
9. Pawełek

10. Raining Dance