Show Band - Punkt styku

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The best Polish album on the fringe of funk and jazz, but... never released. Hammond organ, drums breaks and library music from the best polish police procedural drama from 70s. Smokin'!


The unknown material of the band that spend most of their times on cruise ships, in restaurants and hotels. Anatol Wojdyna (bass guitar), Maciej Głuszkiewicz (Hammond organ, ex-Klan) and Jan Mazurek (drums, ex-Breakout and ex-Quorum) offer the arousing music filled to the brim with the noble sound of Hammond organ. Dynamic boogie, lyrical bossa nova and funky grooves together make up one of the most interesting though never published albums in the history of Polish music. The recordings were used in the Polish Film Chronicles (newsreels produced in years 1945-94), films and TV series.

Release notes:
jewel case, booklet 20p with liner notes and vintage photos of Warsaw

1. Eja nalej
2. Jasiek Bała
3. Spokojna myśl
4. Ping Pong
5. Naya, Naya
6. Tygrysi krok
7. Obserwacje
8. Taniec diabłów
9. Wirujący światek
10. Punkt styku

Anatol Wojdyna
– bass guitar
Maciej Głuszkiewicz – Hammond organ
Jan Mazurek – drums

Jan Jarczyk – Fender Rhodes
Aleksander Bem – percussion

1974.02.02, Warszawa, Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych

GAD CD 013
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