Świadectwo dojrzałości - Hulaj dusza (CD)

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Jazz-rock adventures from 1977. A unique, inimitable supergroup that won the Jazz on the Odra Festival and recorded one radio session. The complete set of their artistic output for the first time on CD.

When you need money, just set up a band and win a festival. That was what Wojciech Bruślik would think in the early 1977 and a couple of months later he made it, winning numerous awards with his experienced friends in the Jazz on the Odra Festival. However, not to everybody’s liking…

Świadectwo Dojrzałości (Matriculation Certificate) is a forgotten, yet important link in the history of the Polish jazz-rock. The band followed in the footsteps of such formations as the German Passport, presenting amazing fusion – pleasant for the ear, splendidly arranged and played with bravado, with numerous guitar and sax solo parts. The band’s leader, Wojciech Bruślik, invited excellent rock musicians with plenty of experience  to cooperate – Dariusz Kozakiewicz, Wojciech Morawski and Krzysztof Orłowski as well a saxophonist Szczepan Dudek, abducted from the world of jazz. Thus formed, the supergroup went to the Jazz on the Odra Festival with the intention of winning it and… followed through their plan despite indignation and resentment of some listeners and journalists.

The record presents a complete set of band’s recorded output. Five radio recordings (three of which appeared years ago on a vinyl chronicle of the festival) are supplemented by a complete festival performance (including booing!). Booklet offers the history of that extremely interesting band and rare photos.

1. Błotnik
2. Ladaco
3. Świątynia dumania
4. Hulaj dusza
5. Aksjomat

Bonus tracks:
6. Błotnik (live)
7. Świątynia dumania (live)
8. Hulaj dusza (live)
9. Złota rączka

Wojciech Bruślik – b
Dariusz Kozakiewicz – g
Szczepan Dudek – sax
Krzysztof Orłowski – p, synth
Wojciech Morawski – dr