Ryszard Sygitowicz - Bez grawitacji

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A solo debut of a valued guitarist, filled to the brim with interesting, instrumental rock with lot of great melodies!


In the years 1983-84 Ryszard Sygitowicz was a frequent guest in the recording studios of Polish Radio. With the help of esteemed musician, and later also on a solo basis, the guitarist, known above all from his performances with the Perfect band, recorded a number of instrumental compositions which appeared later on the record “Bez grawitacji”. It is instrumental, guitar rock focused on beautiful melodies, engaging arrangement solutions and free from boring, tiresome, strictly technical solo performances without deeper meaning. Here you will find both the guitar artistry and soul.

“Bez grawitacji” appears for the first time as a whole on a CD. The material taken from the original vinyl edition is supplemented by four additional compositions – including three never published before. The booklet contains a recent essay on making the record, full of anecdotes and eye-popping facts.

Jewel case, booklet 16 pages, photos, liner notes

01. Opóźniony do Bostonu
02. Lewa prosta
03. Niespełnienie
04. Cavalcado
05. Na kacu (Od niechcenia)
06. Bez grawitacji
07. Jamall (Wielbłąd)
08. Przybłęda
09. Opus 1983

10. Odrzucony narzeczony
11. Wesoły klucznik
12. Czarny matecznik
13. Gwiezdne łąki

Line up:
Ryszard Sygitowicz
- guitars, guitar synth, piano, keyboards, drum machine
Arkadiusz Żak - bass guitar (1-8, 10-12)
Dariusz Sygitowicz - drums (1, 7)
Wojciech Morawski - drums (3, 4, 10)
Adam Lewandowski - percussion (4)
Zbigniew Namysłowski - saxophone (6, 13)

05.1983-07.1984, Warszawa, Polskie Radio

GAD CD 029
© 1983-1984 Polskie Radio
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