Jerzy Milian - Semiramida (CD)

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Different face of the trio that recorded the cult “Bazaar” LP. Unique, never before published recordings from the years 1966-69.


The fourth part of the Jerzy Milian Tapes series is a another trip back into the deep 60s. It is documentation of the concert achievements of the legendary Jerzy Milian trio active in 1966-69. The playlist of this nearly 80-minute record includes both the compositions known in their studio versions from LP “Bazaar”, never before published tunes combining orient and free influences, and also a couple of fiery jazz standards. The whole album has been remastered from the original tapes.

Jewel case, booklet with artist comments and rare photos.

01. Serpent's Tooth
02. Out of the Past
03. Valse ex Cathedra
04. Monument
05. Ballada
06. Semiramida
07. Rewelacyjny Luciano
08. Summer Nights
09. Bazar w Aszchabadzie
10. My Favourite Band
11. (Ostatni) Program

Jerzy Milian
- vibraphone, marimba
Jacek Bednarek - double bass, gidjak (1-9)
Grzegorz Gierłowski - drums

Jacek Ostaszewski - double bass (10-11)
Marian Siejka - violin (10-11)

Recorded at Jazz Jamboree festivals:
1-3: 1966.10.15, Warszawa, Filharmonia Narodowa
4-6: 1967.10.13, Warszawa, Sala Kongresowa
7-9: 1968.10.19, Warszawa, Filharmonia Narodowa
10-11: 1969.10.18, Warszawa, Filharmonia Narodowa

GAD CD 024
© 1966-69 Polskie Radio
© 2015 GAD Records

Unfortunately, due to archival quality of some tapes, we were unable to remove all artefacts and drops present in recordings from Jazz Jamboree 1967. So we're very sorry for lower quality of sound in tracks 4 to 6.